Dunja Petrovic (Dun)

She is too busy to care what's written here; she has to hang out with her friends (the worms). Somewhat different product of Serbia, Dun started her PhD thesis in 2018, to constantly challenge the boss with her skepticism. Generates great results and still thinks they are product of a mistake! Hates the color code of this webpage.


Martin Hugo

Wanderlust. Biochemist from Uruguay to Germany to Spain and back to Germany. Obtained his degree at Universidad de la República in Montevideo, but his hometown is Colonia Suiza. Since begin of his scientific life is involved in redox biology: interested in enzymes, posttranslational modifications and metabolism. Redox signals! Also an actor, performing or shooting when time allows. Slowly growing his own tiny forest. Yoga, cycling and kind of addicted to Mate.


Ferran Comas Vila

A Spaniard who received his PhD degree in Molecular Biology, Biomedicine and Health from IDIGBI of Girona, working on the role of H₂S in adipose tissue physiology. He is originally from Vic, near Barcelona. Interested in H₂S and its role in redox signaling, metabolism and aging. He was lucky to find an apartment in less than seven months. Outside of the lab, you can find him spending time running, watching basketball, listening to music, or drinking beer.


Thibaut Vignane (Thib)

The only French student who survived more than 2 months in the lab. Far from the biochemistry world, he is actually interested in cellular genetics but really happy to combine ageing,  biochemistry and genetics for his PhD thesis. Thib is also a musician who plays drums and saxophone (when he has free time). Playing music and drinking beer is what he "prefers" as a stress relief outside the lab.


Jonas Fidelak

The only German  (who did his training in Hannover after trying to study forestry in Munich and did not like it) in the team and the first person every morning in the lab (long before the rest arrives). Autoclaves and prepares everything in the quiet of the morning. Likes music, plays trumpet, and goes running after work. Likes to drink but only when somebody is drinking with him.

MM Sulfaging.jpg

Marko Miler

Marko did not have enough of Dortmund in 2021 so he returned in 2022. As a molecular biologist who became a histologist, he set the goal in his research to combine RNA and protein data with (ultra)structural tissue and organ architecture. When he is not thinking about what to eat, he watches funny reels and shares them with his friends. As he says, there is an adequate meme for every life situation. His passion is swimming where he charges his battery.