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25. 02. 2022. Happy that this collaborative work with Angeles Aroca's lab on how persulfidation protects plants under nonphotorespiratory conditions is finally out!


17. 10. 2022. The human TRPA1 intrinsic cold and heat sensitivity involves separate channel structures beyond the N-ARD domain


26. 02. 2022. Our collaborative work with Collin Ewald and Keith Blackwell just got accepted in Nature Communication. Congratulation to all contributors!


03. 01. 2022. We welcome (again) Marko Miler, but this time as a full time group member!


11. 11. 2021. Martin discusses the research of our group for a radio podcast (available in German only)


23. 06. 2021. Our review article on how protein persulfidation controls brain aging and neurodegeneration is out.

04. 06. 2021. Our guests from Instute for Biological Research "Sinisa Stankovic" in Belgrade arrived. Welcome Marko Miler and welcome (back) Jasmina Zivanovic.


01. 06. 2021. Great collaboration with Jorge Amich on how protein persulfidation regulates fungal virulence and host antifungal response


12. 01. 2021. Our fruitful collaboration with Sol Snyder, Bindu Paul and Matt Whiteman continues. See some news coverage for this PNAS USA paper!


19. 11. 2020. We are saddened to hear about the death of our dear collaborator and friend Jay Mitchel. Our condolences go to his family.


29. 10. 2020. A star is born

1. 10. 2020. We started at our new Institute!

1. 09. 2020. We are happy to announce that the lab will be moving to Dortmund, to the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences, ISAS.

25. 08. 2020. Congratulations to Bibi, who found out that she'll become a mother!!!

17. 3. 2020. Due to the CoVID-19 our Institute and labs are officially closed.


17. 12. 2019. Emily defended her PhD thesis and became Dr Emily!


10. 12. 2019. ERC Consolidator grant results are out and we are among the winners!!!

14. 11. 2019. Cell Metabolism paper appears online


13. 11. 2019. Collaborative work on how methionine oxidation regulates heat sensitivity of TRPV2 online on PNAS website


6. 11. 2019. Emily submitted her PhD thesis!

18. 10. 2019. Cell Metabolism paper accepted!

CNRS news about our Cell Metabolism paper (in French)

A Preview of our Cell Metabolism article by Rafael de Cabo

SfRBM article about our team

Emmy Noether Prize for the best habilitation thesis

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